The sole aim of the organization is commercialization of Advanced Innovative point of care diagnostics technology to address the urgent need for better diagnostic tests. We are committed to implementing affordable, easy to use and cutting-edge diagnostic technologies for the developing world.

our approach

Advanced Inclusive Technology Inc (ADVIN) is a Canada Based International health Technology solution company. It believes that the key to living healthy is earlier screening for Infectious and Non communicable diseases through the introduction of non-invasive, user-friendly and rapid screening technologies that will encourage individuals to take a few minutes out of their busy days, in convenient settings, to get tested and educated about their potential risk.


The Company's business strategy includes commercializing its point of Care medical devices and consumables to rural hospitals, clinics, physician's offices and personal use in developing countries rural communities.The majority of patients first seek treatment at the lowest level of the healthcare system, nearest to where they live, so proper diagnosis at this level will have the greatest impact.

The goal of the ADVIN screening technologies is to provide patients at risk with an early distance warning and to serve as a tipping point for individuals to take real-time action and follow-up with their healthcare providers for immediate, effective and ongoing management of their conditions, whatever the stage.